Why install the GOTLR application?

We all need everyday products, whether to heal ourselves, to tinker, work, eat or simply to take care of ourselves.

We also sometimes don't have enough time or are too busy at home, in the office or elsewhere.

To save time in your organization, nothing could be simple than making your request on the application. 

And very concretely how does it work? 


I just broke a bulb, I'm teleworking, and my meeting starts in 10 minutes. At the end of my meeting, it will be late, and I need light in my bathroom tonight. 


Before my meeting I launch my request for a bulb on the GOTLR application. One of the GOTLR users in my city accepts my request, he communicates the price of the bulb by taking a photo and I can also chat with him through the application chat. I accept, validate and pay the amount on the application safety. He buys the bulb, delivers it to me in an hour or another chosen time. Upon arrival, I confirm the good reception on the application. 


Without moving, due to my meeting, I will be able to light my bathroom tonight. It cost me the bulb, with the shipping costs paid to my "Genie shopper" and in addition to receiving it within the hour, I saved a considerable time without waiting in line in the store.

How to use the application?

After registering, I let myself be guided in the process.

Whenever i wish, I post a request.

If I wish, I can also contribute to the collaborative self-help community by activating the cursor on the Genie mode, for this I send my documents and, in addition to being able to have users buy products, I can also help if I have the opportunity to do so. This will allow me to benefit from an additional income during my lost hours without having to register as an entrepreneur.

Many options: 

You need your product very quickly ? in an emergency ?

You can choose the URGENT option in your advertise. A surcharge will be applied to your entire order, which will give more motivation to "Genies shoppers" users who see this notification to make this delivery even faster.

Time range and tailor-made prices:

  • Product request between two different hours to select
  • Product request between two amounts in order to give flexibility to your "Genie shopper".

Many possibilities in the description field (Examples): 

  • I want to buy this flat screen for computer (Reference...) or similar in excellent condition if you have to offer. Thank you.
  • This guitar is to be bought second-hand at this address (...) Thank you for sending me photos on-site.
  • If another brand is available, please contact me. 

Why use GOTLR?

With GOTLR, I simplify my daily life. I announce what I want, when I want it, and where I want.

Am I sure to receive my ordered product?

On the GOTLR application, your payment is secure and remains on the platform until confirmation of the correct receipt of the product by you. The Genie shopper pays for the item and will be credited to his GOTLR account upon delivery. Therefore, you are sure to receive what you ordered.

What are the fees on GOTLR?

The fees are the same as those you pay on the internet, except that you pay them to your Genie shopper for his service and who, moreover, may bring it to you faster than if you had ordered it elsewhere.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

It is quite possible to cancel his request until you definitively confirm the offer generated by your Genie shopper. After the acceptance of both parties, it will no longer be possible to make this cancellation.

Do I need to provide documents? 

For a GOTLR requesting user, you do not have to provide any documents. A simple registration and a bank card to register are required.

Any questions ?

Download the application

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GOTLR the new generation application, designed to make your daily life easier. Enjoy Everything, everywhere, by everyone.