Multiple possibilities and services are available to you

Wherever you are

Are you at work ? At home ? At a friend's ? Then multiply your delivery addresses and enjoy all your products.

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Buy second hand and have it delivered

Buying between individuals? It is possible with GOTLR application. Choose online on ad site, your Genie shopper offers itself and you are delivered.

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All existing shops

Browse absolutely all existing shops in your country. Isn't your baker there ? Add its sign and address.

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A bright idea

You don't have time to choose a product and you don't know what to take for the aperitif or where to find them? Your Genie shopper can offer and buy these products for you.

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Advertise all types of product

You can request ALL types of products without risk of out of stock. Your Genie shopper will satisfy you with your product but will also be able to offer you alternatives.

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With friends

Would you like to send a gift or birthday cake to your friend ? Your Genie shopper takes care of buying this delicious strawberry cake and wilbring it to your friend.

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Everything, Everywhere

A band-aid, a chocolate éclair, a roast chicken, a hammer or a book? Pharmacy, bakery, butcher, DIY sign or bookstore, now there is no limit to all your every desire.

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Change your palette

Can't find your article on Amazon, or Ebay and other platforms? Advertise the item on GOTLR. Users around you are available to find this product for you, buy it and deliver it to you.

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Are you tired of always ordering from the same places, eating the same meals? Then enter the address of your favorite restaurant and ask the Genie shopper to bring you your dish.

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GOTLR the new generation application, designed to make your daily life easier. Enjoy Everything, everywhere, by everyone.