A new way of organizing, new perspectives with GOTLR.

With GOTLR, see simple, make your life easier.

  • Possibility to choose all existing products.
  • Possibility to choose from all stores.
  • Possibility to buy on online ads on site.
Discover your new possibilities

GOTLR® Application, registered concept

Months of development to travel the world.

An idea against the tide

The birth of the idea to conception. Starting from the observation of the increasing number of home service applications worldwide, The Creator had the ingenious idea of taking the concept against the current of existing model that limits choices, shops, and therefore possibilities to when the GOTLR application opens an unlimited range of shops, products, and new services.

  • Millions of shops to choose from
  • Billions of products around the world

A real multitude of possibilities. From GOTLR you can reinvent your daily life. "Today Emma went to Thehomedepot's. But unfortunately, her product is out of stock. Fortunately, she downloaded the GOTLR application with which she will be able to ask a Genie shopper near Thehomedepot, in the city next door, to buy her available product!"THANK YOU GOTLR.


A new generation of application

GOLTR is an approach for the goal of real collaborative mutual assistance but much more than that, it is another concept of use, a new vision. This platform, planned internationally can accomodate and support millions of requests around the world. This is safe because GOTLR guarantees you smooth and secure transactions.

Useful features but not too many. GOTLR has designed optimized features in order to simplify its use without overloading its users.  Once mastered, you will not be able to do without it!

That said, all you have to do is gice free rein to your imaginationto take full advantage of your GOTLR application. 


Step 1

1. Post your request for article(s) on GOTLR. You can absolutely ask for anything*.(Excluding prohibited products)

Step 2

2. One of the GOTLR Genies located near your location agrees to make your purchase / delivery.

Step 3

3. Chat with him/her via our encrypted and secure elaborate system.

Step 4

4. Once satisfied, you pay the amount on the secure GOTLR platform with peace of mind.

Step 5

5. The "Genie shopper" brings you your product(s) according to your planning.

Step 6

6. You validate the correct reception upon service by your "Genie shopper".

Step 7

7. He receives a confirmation notification from you. All that remains is to evaluate your Genie, and he/she will do the same for his/her side.

  To find the release date of the application, as well as all the updates concerning GOTLR, join the group directly 

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GOTLR the new generation application, designed to make your daily life easier. Enjoy Everything, everywhere, by everyone.