Devenir un Génie Shopper GOTLR
Simple or PRO

What is a Genie and Genie PRO
First of all, the Genie shoppers meet the needs of too busy people, who may have reduced mobility, or who do not have a vehicle or other transportation. 
There are two types of Genies:
 is an individual who can accept requests for errands for the local shops, generally close to where he is located. Whether it is on his return journey or to fill his free time, he can choose his errands to be carried out among those offered on the application and exactly when he wishes it.
 is a local merchant, or entrepreneur who sells products at home. But he can be a farmer, horticulturist or producer. The GENIE PRO offers directly to the consumers. GPs stand out on the GOTLR interactive card with a PRO label. He therefore delivers his products if he wishes. 
 GS and GPs can also offer applicants a new or excellent condition item that they already hold at home. 
Here is a concrete example : 
Lucie GS or GP, received for Christmas a duplicate object that she already owns. 
Clément as a user, made a request on GOTLR for the same object.
Lucie is close to Clément's, so she offers to sell him her item.
If he accepts, she will sell her item and will also get a commission on her delivery for having travelled a few meters from her home.


A genie is a GOTLR user who can order what he needs and also pass Genie if he wants to generate income in his spare time. 
The Genie is a natural and responsible person who can move around (Bicycle, two wheels, car, truck, on foot by public transport) and also has a loaded smartphone throughout the order-delivery process. 
The Genie shops whenever he wants.
The Genie is free to choose the races that suit him. 
The Genie shopper does no need to be a professional.
The Genie shopper is paid IMMEDIATELY at the end of the service and after confirmation.
The Genie can decide to stop whenever he wants.


Let's promote ecology, non-sedentary lifestyle, the improvement of the quality of daily life of people with reduced mobility, the revival of local shops and purchasing power.

The Genie Guide & its benefits

As a Genie, it is recommended that you agree to all rules and conditions during the registration process. The Genie must respect the safety instructions related to the pandemic period, but also those of the highway code for his own safety and for the comfort of all GOTLR users. 

Why to be a Genie shopper ?

Do you want to be totally free and independent? Make your free time a remuneration? Exactly when you decide?  

Need to save money ? Do you have a purchase to make in not long ?

Do you suddenly need money? No problem. Don't think too long, open the GOTLR app and shop near you and start getting paid right away.


In order to maximize your chances and attract the attention of users looking for a Genie, it is recommended to present yourself well in the description of your profile. He can be asked for a service, a purchase advice, and in different areas.

A concrete example 

Diane needs to do small jobs in her bathroom. 

She opens her application and consults the profile of a Genie close to home, having presented herself with a particular passion for DIY.

She chooses it, he will advise her and go directly to the shop to pick up the equipment necessary for her bathroom work.

Here are some examples of presentation:

"A gardening enthre, in addition to your deliveries, I will be delighted to help you in the advice and purchase of plants and flower bouquets. "

"DIYer in my spare time, I can also find and buy you the tools that suit your need in its major brands, X, Y"

"Do you enjoy healthy food ? I will be able to make suggestions to shop for dietetic products in your shopping list". 

What is the difference with applications on the market? 

GOLTR innovates with a completely different concept. We highlight demand rather than supply. The GOTLR application allows you to find all the products in all shops. And has many other possibilities that you can find in detail in our GOTLR concept section. (Discover the possibilities.)

How are remunerations organized?

 GOTLR does not pay personal couriers per se because it acts as an intermediary platform for connecting users. Our platform does not pay as an employer, as the Genies take care of services for the requesting user. The requesting user is responsible for paying an agreed amount with his Genie, with whom he agrees on the details of the transaction via our chat. The platform is in charge of securing the transaction between the two participants. The Genie shopper receives the amount deposited in his GOTLR account immediately after the applicant's confirmation of receipt by validation in person. The amount collected by the GOTLR includes the price of the product accompanied by the fee for the race it has performed. He is then free to pay his allowances to his bank account whenever he wishes. There are no transfer fees or hidden fees.

What is the status of a GOTLR? 

GOTLR is based on a concept of participation in the mutual aid of the community of individuals in the same way as a platform for selling or renting objects between individuals, so all individuals can claim to become a GOTLR. However, he must be able to present the documents necessary for his registration, be able to travel on his own, and have a charged mobile phone to connect to the platform. He must respect the rules and conditions in our terms of use section. GOTLR can also be a professional who wishes to serve individuals or professionals. In short, you, we are all potential GOTLRs in the application.

How to become a GOTLR? 

Would you like to become a GOTLR? You can register via the app available on the Apple store and Play store. After registration, you will find in your profile the selection slider to become a genius. Follow the different steps by sending us your documents, then quickly become a collaborative user member of GOTLR. 

Need our help with your registration to become a Genie shopper ?

Our registration assistance service is available in your personal space of the application. You can also inquire about any questions relating to this registration.


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