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What is the GOTLR application?

GOTLR is first and foremost an application that required 11 months of development, and more than 600,000 lines of code for its design. An application that makes everyday life easier by providing you with exactly what you need. GOTLR does a lot more than anything you have ever known!!! Order ALL products in absolutely ALL existing stores in your country. A true genie of the lamp in your smartphone! Have a need? Say it on GOTLR and a Genie near you, brings you this need. But the GOTLR application does not stop there!!! Because in addition to being able to find you any desired item, your GENIE shopper can also bring you a second-hand item that you want to buy on leboncoin among others. Even better!!!! Not sure what to buy for Father's Day? Or perhaps you need to find some appetizers to choose from to start your evening? No problem, trust him, your Genie can then make a selection live via the chat and offer you this gift or these aperitifs which he deems appropriate to your situation. User orders, and the Genius gets paid. GOTLR is you, us, them. Now you know, anything is possible with GOTLR. Everything, everywhere, for everyone.

Why GOTLR? What are the advantages of the application?

Why GOTLR? What are the advantages of the application? You choose GOTLR to renew a way of living every day. A new way of conceiving supply and demand. With GOTLR, there is no risk of being out of stock, alternatives can be proposed to you directly. No risk of error on the requested product, you will be the only one to decide to validate the product if it suits you. With GOTLR, you follow in real time your genius until the delivery at home. The term “courier” is not appropriate at GOTLR, we call ourselves “Genie” providing a service to others. Beyond a service, create links with your favorite “Genies." Trust them and they will get to know you to bring you what you need.

What are the fees in GOTLR application?

An operating fee and commissions for each "Genie" helping are applicable. There is no subscription. The different fees applied on the platform are linked to the quantity and the amount of the request made. They will be calculated according to the final amount. In addition, options are offered to improve your experience.

What types of requests can I make with the GOTLR application?

Here are some inspirations. -Ask for all products, examples: curtains, hammer, bandages, iron, Paracetamol, soap, shoes, mirror, toys, DVD, tobacco, scratch games, motorcycle helmet, flowers, books, newspapers, toothpaste and many others.... -Ask for food products, examples: Cookies, eggs, drinks, bakery, butcher, cheese shop, greengrocer, grocery, food and many more... -Ask for bulky items, examples: Vacuum cleaner, sofa, mirror, washing machine, sink, windows, tiles, printer, TV screen, computer, chair, floor lamp, audio speakers and many more... -Request a local item or service: Pick up my shoes from the cobbler, my stuff from the dry cleaner. Ask to recover an item I bought on -Request a service in emergency: Pick up a gift and deliver it to the person of your choice. Pick up a birthday cake and have it delivered to the person of your choice. Picking up the necessary items for a birthday, an aperitif, a party and more, within an agreed budget... -Ask for something to buy at a place you don't necessarily want to go. The Genies bring it to you.

What is the difference between Genie and GENIE PRO?

Being a Genie is accessible to everyone, under certain conditions. The standard Genie is a Genie on foot, bicycle, motorized two-wheeler, car or truck, who can bring you all the products of the stores around him and bring them to you. The PRO Genie is a professional salesman who is able to propose directly, his products which he proposes or coming from his store to bring it to you. (Notice to all the auto entrepreneurs selling products online but who do not necessarily have a great visibility on the internet.) It is recognizable and visible on the map with a PRO label.

Is the reception done at the bottom of my house or in front of my doorstep?

Since we promote mutual aid, it goes without saying at GOTLR that each user, whoever he may be, must respect his collaborator according to the context of the reception (difficult access, forbidden parking, etc.). The engineer and the requesting party must agree on the service conditions during their exchanges beforehand so that the joint process can be as smooth, simple, and efficient as possible. We encourage comfortable exchanges for both the Genie and the requester for a more pleasant experience.

What if i have to leave at the time of reception ?

Even if it is preferable and recommended to plan your presence at the place and time of the appointment, unfortunately, it can happen that you have to be absent in emergency. In this case, it is necessary to warn the Genie via the dialogue box provided for this purpose.

GOTLR, made in a daily partner allowing you in the most opportune moments, the opportunity to give you service when you need it most. 

GOTLR the new generation application, designed to make your daily life easier. Enjoy Everything, everywhere, by everyone.